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I used to remind myself to not live life with regrets, to appreciate everyone around me and everything I have. Well, I thought I was doing well all along until I lost someone dear to me about a year ago. Her departure is a big wake up call to me and I am just a hypocrite. I never actually practice what I preach.

This blog post serves as a reminder to appreciate your loved ones before it's too late. 
I learnt through the hard way. 
You don't have to.

I was raised by her since I come to this world and she has played a big role in my childhood. Apart from my parents, she is the only one who has always loved me unconditionally, support me unreasonably and has never failed to be there for me whenever I needed her.

Perhaps it was her old age - I was her priority;
and perhaps I thought time was abundant - I treat her as an option.
I know, I am an ass.

Life is unfair and has always been so.

It hurts to know that great people around me has to suffer through life and enjoyment is a luxury which they never get to experience.

Is this what karma is like? If it is, karma is really a bitch!
Or perhaps "karma" is just a reason I used to comfort myself for not pampering them enough in this life? On a brighter note, it may be a good idea that this bumpy road has come to an end. I wish you and you a great next life!

If you happen to stumble onto my humble blog, please remember that,

Time is limited - our life is shorten with every breath we take;
Never take "today" for granted - to some, tomorrow may never come.

If you love someone, show it - action speaks louder than words;

If you want to do something, do it now - for tomorrow you may lose the courage to do so;
And to never treat those who prioritise you as an option 
- you are significant in their lives.

I love you, and will always be.