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Trust is like a sandcastle.

It takes time to build and effort to 'toughen' it; but the weakest wave could destroy it in split second.

At times, it sucks to be a logical person. For there is only black or white in life, but the reality is there are actually gray areas which logical person can never accept. I guess there is no right or wrong. Not even twins are identical in characteristics. Everyone is special in their own way and we have to learn to accept these differences.

To some, some things are better left unsaid and untold; for they believe that it only brings more harm than anything else. But if it doesn't solve, it's always there. Problem may not surface now but there is the possibility of triggering it in the future. Isn't it better to face it and support each other along the way than to have it on your own shoulder? Couples are to be there for each other for the rest of their lives and it is through all these little problems that make them grow stronger. I always believe that by anticipating the future or the problem, will make us more prepared.

To some, honesty is always the best policy regardless what outcome will the honesty brings. They rather know the truth (which hurt or doesn't do good) and recover from there than having to know it on their own or from someone else; as they believe that all these little things are just parts and parcel of life which when we look back in the future, we will see how silly we were. Perhaps, they are making joke for their future self! 

My mum once told me, "What you want, you first give" and I would like to add "No matter the outcome - good or bad - just give your best and your everything". I may not know what our future will be, but I have never taught to not give my best. Though I mentioned that I want to hold myself back, I actually do not know how to do so. There is the possibility of me falling down but what matters is I have given my best. Even if the outcome of us do not turn out well, I know I am not the one to be blamed; for I have given all I have and all I am. And when I say I am transparent, I am.

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  1. Hello Love! I actually come here quite often and I love reading your writing! :) Let's turn this sandcastle into one that can withstand tsunami, tornado or even the rampage of a dragon! :p Thanks for everything <3