Fairy tales

12:53 AM Jia Yi 1 Comments

Fairy tales are make-believe. Everything in fairy land seems perfect. However, the truth is, the reality is far from perfect.

I may be an adult, but as stupid as it sound, I thought perfect is reachable. It's time to wake up from my dream and learn to accept the imperfect.

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  1. Fairy tales are not all about the happy ending. Snow White was banished from the castle and was poisoned from the witch's apple; Cinderella was made a servant by her step parents and were bullied by her step sisters; Sleeping Beauty and The Beast both were cursed with wicked spells; The Ugly Duckling was an outcast before she found out who she really was; and the list goes on.
    Without these hardships, fairy tales just aren't as beautiful. Don't stop believing, and never quit trying. Perfect is not about getting there at first attempt, it's a journey of perseverance and faith, it's the continuous effort from the spirit of a fearless and unweavering child, don't let the kid residing in you outgrown you, and you will find your fairy land too.