Letting go

11:36 PM Jia Yi 0 Comments

I broke up with someone who would give up his everything just to make me the happiest woman in the world a while ago. And I have been accused for being the dumbest woman on earth for giving up such a great man! I am not going to deny but yes, he is probably one of the greatest guy a girl could possibly ask for. But, I can’t be with someone just because they are great right?

I believe everyone has their own definition of a perfect relationship. To me, a perfect relationship does not mean showering your loved one with lavish gifts, undivided attention and overflowing love. The core of a perfect relationship is a relationship where both parties are able to complement and support each other; to grow and learn as one, not only in the ups but most importantly in the downs.

Each of us has our own dreams and ambitions to chase after. I certainly do not agree that by committing into a relationship, we are to give up our own dreams and ambitions. 

If they are so easily given up, they are not dreams and ambitions!