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Love is a subject which I will never ever understand. 

I consider myself a small girl with big dreams and maybe to some, I have some hard-to-handle characteristics. It is also with these reasons that my previous relation failed. And so I thought, it would probably take me a while to find someone to fall head over heels with, and someone who can accept the not-so-perfect me.

Break-up is never an interesting process, in fact, it sucks big time. Since the last break up, I have met different guys, each with their own unique personalities and ways to impress me – from expensive dinner to arts and crafts to late night calls to helping hands. From time to time, I was touched but I was able to maintain my composure, to be cautious and to avoid having another heart break. I was determined to make the next one, my last one!

I thought I was doing well all along. Until, he came along and messed up my composure! I tried so hard to hold back my feelings but, the more I tried to shut my feelings, the more it pours! I knew then that I was falling head over heels!

Love is weird, isn’t it? It strikes when you least expect it.