My perfect cup of coffee.

12:51 PM Jia Yi 0 Comments

The thing about living in a food haven is that we are being introduced to a wide variety of good food at a very young age and we will not settle for anything less.

Indulging in good food in this food haven has become a norm and I do not think there's any particular food that has given me the "wow" effect. Human is never appreciative, isn't it? 

Being an avid food lover, I have learned that sometimes, great ingredient does not necessarily make up good food. To me, a great meal is very much like falling in love. You need everything right, from the ingredients, to the companion, and to the settings, to make up to a good meal.

The same goes to coffee. 
Perfect beans, milk and temperature may only make up a good cup of coffee;
but with you,
it becomes a perfect cup of coffee.