Sandcastle 2

2:23 AM Jia Yi 0 Comments

Just so you know, I'm in good hand - well-fed with desserts (countless cakes, inside scoop and McDonald's date), gained a few kgs, worked harder, complained lesser and laughed more. 

People always say that communication is vital in a relationship and many have questioned the way Mr. C and I communicate. However the truth is, the way we 'communicate' is one of a kind and incomparable. I'm starting to believe that we don't need modern technology to help us communicate, simply because we communicate on a whole new level - we communicate through heart. Or perhaps, it's confidence, understanding and respect, that we both share. 

I believe confidence comes with honesty.

Everyone defines honesty differently - some believe that honesty is priority even if the truth hurts; while some believe that there's no point sharing hurtful things. I am glad that we are on the same page in this - we both believe in the former.

Thank you for giving me the confidence with your honesty. My sandcastle of trust has now become a sturdy castle.