I am blessed.

1:49 PM Jia Yi 0 Comments

It has been a little over three months but I am still in awe that you are mine! I would have to admit that the first three months into our relationship hasn’t been a bed of roses. Not because we argue a lot (actually we don't at all), but because we skipped the honeymoon stage of our relationship. Well, I can’t deny that I miss and love being pampered and taken care of; but I am not complaining. I am glad that I get to go through your worst moment of life with you in the past few months. I was a little insecure, worried and tired but I am happy that my presence has lightened you up and washed away your pain! Our relationship has been put to test from the start and hopefully your hand is the one that I am going to hold through the ups and downs of life!

After what has happened in the past months and now that you are on the road to recovery, I thought it would be great to do something different (I deserve some relaxing right? hehe…)! Your special day came just in time! I was so overwhelmed with work that I did not put much thought to it. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the simple date I planned for you. 

Happy birthday!
Looking forward to the next one :)