Message from beyond the grave

12:43 PM Jia Yi 0 Comments

It has already been one year and four months; yet you will never be forgotten.

You came and visited me again last night and it was so surreal. You haven't changed the slightest, you were still the same loving old you, except happier and healthier. It was like the old times where brother and I came and visit you, talking nonsense over your favourite snack.

I thought I have gone through the whole grieving process but a slight mention about you or the dreams I had about you could send me tearing non-stop for one whole hour. My eyes hurt from all the tearing and my head hurts from reminiscing all the times we had.

Truth be told, I don't mind tearing every time I think or dream of you. I guess this is the only way to show you how much I miss you. Or is this just a way to punish myself for not being good enough to you when you are still around? 

Nonetheless, I miss you dearly, I really do.
You will always be in my mind.