The only thing permanent in life is change

10:59 AM Jia Yi 0 Comments

"The only thing permanent in life is change" is slowly becoming one of my favorite quotes. Thinking of how much my life has changed since the last time I went to Japan, or rather since the beginning of the year. Same place but different company. The only thing that hasn't changed is the family. This proves that regardless of what happened, the only person who will stand by you is the ever annoying yet loving family. For that, I'm thankful of!

The past 6 months have especially changed my outlook on life. I do agree that life is one hell of complicated subject. And because of that, I've learnt to ignore what I can't control. You are in control of your own emotion, do not let things you can't control take charge of your emotion. 

I'm sure there are negative words or talking going about but I can't control what others want to say and I'm lazy to explain myself. I'm tired of explaining. There's a saying that goes, if you know me I don't haive to explain myself; but if you don't know me it'll be useless regardless of how much I explained. 

Hence, let's just say, I'm only answerable to God. And myself.