Counting my blessings

1:52 AM Jia Yi 0 Comments

And so history repeats again. But this time, at least I managed to find out the reason behind all these heartbreaks. I have never thought that life could be so complicated. 

The past 6 months have been a roller coaster ride and am counting my blessings for those who have stood by me. After months of tears shedding, head cracking and countless sleepless nights, I am glad  that I have found the answers to my questions and solutions to my problems. 

One thing for sure that I have learned from these disastrous past months is that, you can fool the world but you can never fool yourself. Well, I thought I could. I thought my life was well-controlled. I thought I knew what I wanted and how to achieve the things that I want. I thought I was smart. Maybe I am but just not in the love playing field. If only there is a "101 Guide to Love". Perhaps Mr. B is right - there's no right or wrong; it's just how different people react. Having said that, guilt still fills me. A lot. 

To those broken hearts,
I am sorry - I hope we have at least learned one or two things from each other;
I am sorry - for not honouring our promises;
I am sorry - for all the damages that I have done.

To the man with patience,
Thank you - for the 6 years and standing by me 24/7;
Thank you - for having faith in us;
Thank you - for all that you have done.

I thought such thing only exists in the movies. It's funny how I looked so far for the one thing and yet it is actually right beside me. Thank you universe, for all the life surprises you brought me. I promise to be appreciative and keep counting my blessings!