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The overdue reflective post.

Life has always been mysterious and interesting. Mysterious in the sense that you will never know what lies ahead; interesting in the sense that there are always ups and downs in life to make life less mundane.

2016 started off not as good as how I want it to be. I was lost, helpless and afraid of the unknown. It took me half a year to finally come to my senses, and found my way back to happiness. Guilt still haunts me for breaking hearts but am glad to finally know how to not repeat my mistake. As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy. As much as I look happy and bubbly from the outside, I am unfortunately still believing in the 2-year curse.

They say with age comes responsibility but I say with age comes a weaker heart. I am no longer as adventurous as I used to be. I used to be not afraid of falling, be it at work or in relationship. I used to think that falling gives me new experience and teaches me new things - doesn't matter if I fall for I can always stand up and start again. But, with two failed ldr, I'm sorry to say I'm never gamed for another ldr. I have had enough.

The final two quarters of 2016 on the other hand has been great, both at work and in relationship. The last two quarters have reinforced 'everything happens for a reason' in me. I used to wonder why it took so many years for Mr. C and I to hit on even though people around us have always thought that we are an icon. Well, the years of being friends have really allowed us to understand each other very much and most importantly, these ten years of being friends have helped us or rather me to build trust between us both. For one, I have always had trust issue and it would take me a long, long time to gain trust but just a second to break this trust. Mr. C's scope of work would make matter worse too. If it's not for these ten years, we may not be able to survive together. Hence, these 10 years are necessary for us to enjoy what we are enjoying now.

In terms of work, I am glad I have found my passion. I no longer dread waking up and bringing myself to work. I no longer complain about working weekend. And I no longer complaine about the stress that I have to go through. Yes, the hours and stress level may be higher than what I have previously experienced, but surprisingly, I am actually handling them well. Despite having to work from Sunday to Friday willingly, I have no complaint. I am enjoying it.

Life's been good and I believe it will only get better in 2017.

So, bring it on 2017 and let's hope I will be able to cross these items out in my 2017 review.

To a healthier life - hitting the sack early & consistent attendance in Yoga;
To a better person - patience is a virtue;
To a better career - empower others to empower;
To a better family - lesser fights with parents and siblings; and
To a better SO - work for our future.