2017 in review.

11:23 PM Jia Yi 0 Comments

Another year goes by.

2017 went by way too fast to my liking. It was a year of hardwork and discovery. The only regret I have was, not being able to slow down and savour the process.

Personally, I was lost and confused in 2017. There were times when I was worried about upsetting others. For 2018, I've come to terms that I'm not a people pleaser; as long as my actions and thoughts do not go against my conscience, then it's fine.

At work, I pushed myself hard, to strive and to achieve. Yet, I was disappointed. There were results but they weren't on par with what I've expected. Then, I realised that the goals were unrealistic. There were times when I wanted to quit but I'm glad I persevere. Empowering and getting out of my comfort zone is what I want in 2018. To start off, there are 2 secret projects on my mind. Let's not be greedy and work on it one at a time. Good luck to myself!

In love, 2017 was about understanding and accepting. Despite being friend for a decade with Mr. C, there are things we do that will tick each other off as SO. But am glad that we have overcome all the hiccups and continue being strong and very happy in love. My resolution for 2018 will then be, trust.

In terms of family, I can be quite bad tempered and would often talk back. The SO has inspired and encouraged me to be more patient. Though there's improvement, I would like to have even more patience towards my loved ones in 2018.

Health has never been a concern for me as I'm lean and would occasionally exercise. I thought it would be the same for 2017 but apparently not. Just few days before 2017 ends, the doctor broke the news that I've VERY high cholesterol, probably hereditary. This is definitely a bad news for a food lover like me. So for all the loves of my life, I vow to eat healthily, exercise regularly and sleep early in 2018!

One resolution which I've failed to achieve in 2017 was the failure in reading one book per month. Being someone in the education field, I do believe that knowledge is the key to success. So, I would give this resolution a priority in 2018 and vow to practice what I preach - to read, read and read more!

Having said these, bring it on 2018!