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Mr. C is the most patient person I've ever met. I've never seen him being angry though we've been friends for a decade. He never ever get pissed or mad at me every time I throw tantrum at him. This happens in one of the days of our trip, after yet another tantrum.

Me: I think you are the world most patient person ever.
Him: Of course. You're my most loved person in the world.

Then, another day,

Me: Dear, remember the other day you said I'm your most loved person on earth?
Him: Ya?
Me: Then you will do the things that will make me happy. For example, you should give me 90% of your money for me to spend.
Him: Yes, I love you but unfortunately money doesn't love me. So I don't have money.

HAHAHAHAHA is it just me? I find we are both very humorous people,